Saturday, January 22, 2011

Daddy's Graduation

Well, we finally bought batteries TODAY! Since Scarlett hasn't been able to take pictures for awhile she picked out a few pictures from my camera. She wanted to tell everyone about Aaron's graduation from nursing school.
That is my dad laying on my pillow. 

Silly girls with those shoes on the wrong feet.
Aren't those goofy girls!

 This is before my dad's graduation when he gradutated from nursing school.

This is my dad saying the prayer at his gradutation.

Here's daddy's class holding their candles
at their graduation.

This is all of us after the graduation. 

This is my Dad's graduation party after the graduation.
We were still kind of getting things ready.

Uncle Kelly made those little graduation caps!

Here's a candle from one of the tables. 

We were waiting to ride the light rail.

Me and Auntie Beth standing next to a giant basketball!

This is the last day Auntie Beth was here.

I sure am proud of my Daddy for working hard for two years in nursing school.
Now he has finally graduated!

Love, Scarlett

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No Batteries

Scarlett is out of batteries for her pink camera and we've been too busy to get more. She has asked me every day for over a week now! We'll get those batteries ASAP!!!