Monday, March 28, 2011

Self Portrait

She's getting good at doing these... taking pictures of herself. I find them on her camera all the time!

What is that on her hat?!

I was sitting on my bed taking pictures of myself.
I like this hat. Sis Payan made it for me but I put a flower clip on it.
I was just being silly in these pictures!

Love, Scarlett

Thursday, March 24, 2011


We had a lot of fun on our Disneyland trip. I didn't let Scarlett take her camera so she picked out pictures from mine. Quite a few of these are pictures she took with my camera. She's getting pretty good!

Here's my cousin Ayden eating a giant pizza!

That's Auntie Angela. She likes Coach purses.

I climbed into the fountain and got all wet.

That's Lola eating crabs! 

We went for a walk the night we got there
and then went on this elevator on the way
home from our walk. We went to the
top of the sky! 

Silly kids! 

We were getting ready to go to Disneyland. 

Here it is! That's Micky Mouse! 

There's the castle! Micky's Castle!

 That's Auntie Angela and Ayden on the flying thing.

We were watching a show. 

Daddy was strong and tough.  

We loved the fireworks. 

That's Cinderella's wedding cake. 

This is at the beach the next day. I had fun! 

Can't wait to go back and have more fun! Celebrate!
What's your favorite part of Disneyland?


Friday, March 11, 2011

The View And My Dolls

I was taking pictures from my
window in my room.

I like our big backyard. One of the things I like is that my
dog can race all over the place back there.

Another part of my yard. 

 This is my doll Fancy Nancy!

That's another doll buts its not Fancy Nancy.

Her name is Alexis Cleavenger.

This is Anne of Green Gables. She's glass
and she's in my room.

I like my room. See you later!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lady Bug Pillow

This is me laying on the lady bug pillow.

I got this from Uncle Nicki for Valentines Day.

Love, Scarlett

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Mwamba Children's Choir

A couple weeks ago we went to the Children's Museum and got to see this children's choir from Uganda. It was great! Most of these boys and girls are orphans. They travel around the world to sing and raise money for schools in Africa. They are a christian group and their name means "the rock". Most of the songs were in their language but the ones they sang in english were about Jesus, the blood, and praises. I wanted to keep a couple of the boys!

This is the African Kids play at the Children's Musem.

They sang really good!
They were African boys and girls.

They danced too!

Some of their songs were about Jesus.

Hope you get to see them and go to the museum too.

Love, Scarlett

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cute Dog

I saw this doggie at the dog park. He was
sitting on the bench.

Here's the doggie on the ground now. His name
is Riley.You can kind of see my hello kitty purse.

Love, Scarlett

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crafts With Uncle Kelly

Scarlett went to Uncle Nicki's house on Sunday afternoon. Uncle Nicki said the word nap and suddenly Scarlett decided she was going home with Uncle Kelly. This is what she did with Uncle Kelly...

I made this purse with Uncle Kelly.
It says Dog Riley. I wish I put Bad Dog.

This is the front of the purse.
Its the same purse.

These are the bows I made with Uncle Kelly.

I love going to Uncle Kelly's house! Come back to my blog for more adventures.
Hope you have fun looking at it.

Love, Scarlett