Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We've been baking lots of cookies lately! I just found these pictures on Scarlett's camera. Silly girl!

This is my cookie. It sure is an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie!

I took a picture of myself eating a cookie.

It was yummy! Here's another picture of me taking
a picture of myself!

I had a great Christmas with lots of nice presents. My favorite present was my bike by the way.

Love, Scarlett

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Riley and Molly

Scarlett was sick last week and now its Riley's turn. He's not really sick though. He's not feeling very good because he had surgery. He gets to wear a nice big cone so he can't get to his stitches! Scarlett was pretty excited when she saw him with his cone.

Riley had his surgery last week. He's not really
sick but he had surgery.

He looks so cute with his cone hat.

I like it but he doesn't really like it. Can't wait for
 my dog to get out of that.

Oops I missed his head!

That's better!

That's Molly and me. Too cute!

I wish we had a dog like Molly but that's
 not Molly. That's Ginger's nose.

Riley gets to take his cone off on Christmas. Yay!

Love, Scarlett

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cozy Couch Plus Sick Girl

Scarlett was sick last week and spent a couple days resting on the couch. Here's how it went...

I put the pictures on here in the order that she took them. Pretty interesting!

That's my little lamb. He sits in a back pack.

They're sitting here for the picture.

I was trying to take a picture of myself and my little lamb.
Isn't this picture cute!

I was taking a picture of our living room.

I had to sit on the couch becuase I was sick.

This is a Christmas sock.

Here's another picture of my little lamb. 

This is a tree and a lamp.

 I had fun taking lots of pictures of myself.

I had fun while I was sick.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Glendale Glitters

 We had so much fun at Glendale Glitters last weekend! Somehow the date on her camera got mixed up again. It really likes saying 2007!

Here is a pretty horsey and people are riding
on the carriage. That looks fun!

That's a black horsey with its tail braided. Its a pretty horse.

Here's me and my dad.

My mom and my dad.

I liked this tall tree with Christmas lights.
Its at Glendale Glitters too.

I was taking a picture of the tents where they
were selling food.

I had fun swinging on this chain!

Here's my mother. I told her how to sit
for the picture.

Santa was dancing with Mrs. Clause.

This is a big wolf!

Someone was inside this big ball making it roll around.
I wanted to try it!

I was trying to touch that big ball. I touched it twice
when it came by me.

I went down this big slide. It was fun!

This doggie is cute. He was sleeping in the back
of a tent where they were selling things.
It looks just like Molly!

This is me taking a picture with some
Christmas things on it. 

I had fun at Glendale Glitters! Playing on the big slide was my favorite part. At the show with Santa, they played All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth. I really liked that song.

Love, Scarlett

Monday, December 6, 2010

Horses At Sunset

There are horses down the street from our house so we went over to see them one evening. Scarlett took some pretty pictures during the sunset.

On Friday, Vance, Rachel, and Scarlett put on a special program for the Thompsons and Sis. Culpepper. It turned out great! During the last practise Scarlett handed me her camera and told me to take pictures. Every now and then she would tell me in her loudest whisper, TAKE A PICTURE!

We went see these horses. You should have come with us.

We saw this horse running around.

My mom took this picture.

I took some sunset pictures.

We were practising for our recital.

We were little duckies in this picture. Girl duckies!

Here we are singing oh be careful little hands what you do.

Maybe next time I'll do some Christmas pictures!

Love, Scarlett

Thursday, December 2, 2010

She's been busy...

Last week was so busy! Scarlett spent the week playing with a cousin. She took her camera with her everywhere we went but she was too busy to remember to take pictures. We only have a few to share with you this time.

By the way... It took me three days to finally get this posted. For some reason these pictures didn't want to upload!

That's my mom. We were riding in the car.

That's my picture with Sis. Baker. They were at church.

Here's Bro. Baker. He has a motorcycle. Every time
he comes he always asks me if I want to ride it.

This is our friend. He goes to Sunday School.
Last week we took him to McDonalds.

I took this picture of me. I can't believe I can take
such good pictures of myself!

Here's Riley in his kennel. He likes going into
his kennel to rest.

I hope you come back next time!