Monday, January 30, 2012

Froggy Hat Pictures

What do you think of this cool hat?

Its a princess frog hat! 

My mom does a good job on my hair! 

Nice hat!

Love, Scarlett

Friday, January 27, 2012

Great Friends!

These are me and my friends feet.

My friend took this silly picture of me. 

This is one of my friends- she's carrying my other friend's doll. 

This friend is holding my doll. Its my new doll Aaron! 

This is Sis. Garrett during a prayer and fasting night. 

My best friend being silly! 

Here's me again! One of the girls took this one. 

This is a new doll my friend just got. She's very pretty! 

I love my friends! I have fun with them!

Love, Scarlett

Monday, January 9, 2012

Still Taking Pictures

After taking a long break its hard for me to get going with this again! But Scarlett is anxious to share her pictures so here we go... Ignore the dates- someone likes playing with her camera!

This is me at the playland in the mall.
I was on a baby cactus slide.

This is my dad trying to feed my new baby. 

Uncle Josh looking at a camera. 
I'm going to be a big cousin!
They are going to have a little kiddie!  

This is at Lola's house. I was showing everyone my new dress. 

Here's Lola taking a picture. 

This is a family picture. Auntie Jeanett and
Uncle Josh are going to have a cookie :) 

Same picture! 

We went to a funeral and I got to put my
hand print on the casket. All the kids did.

 Here are my cousins Johnny and Taylor.

Here's my favorite cousin Taylor! 

Happy New Year!