Sunday, September 26, 2010

Water Water Everywhere

Our yard was full of water this morning from the irrigation. Scarlett went out with her camera to try to take pictures of the dragon flies that come around during irrigation time. I don't think she was very successful but her pictures look really neat!

Our yard was floating with water! It's irrigation.

 More water floating everywhere.

 This is what the sky looked like this morning. Didn't it
look beautiful?!

 I was trying to take picture of the dragon flies. We get a lot
of dragon flies when there's irrigation.

Come back again!

Scarlett Grace


I was browsing through the pictures on Scarlett's camera and found these. They're pictures of some of the pages in our Kids cookbook. I loved how those little toes popped up a few times!

This is a kids recipe book. If you want one, talk to my mother.

This looks yummy! Except for the mushrooms. Yuck!

Do you see my toes?

This soup looks good! I hope its not spicy. 

 Part of the recipe book.

 I think this is enchiladas...

 I found a whole lot of good recipes in this recipe book!

Leave me a comment. My mom reads them to me everyday!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday Afternoon

I've decided to let Scarlett try using my camera. Its pink too but not indestructable! Her camera has not been working very well lately. We'll see how she does with a grown up camera.  I'll post those pictures next time.

Here's Scarlett's afternoon. We went to our friends' home and then to prayer service.

Here's my mom.

 Here I am taking pictures of myself.

 This is Sis. Stephanie's dog. We went to their
house and I played with their two dogs.

 I'm rubbing the dog's tummy.

 She's a nice lady.

This is my dad's friend. My friend too.

 That's BJ.

 My school friend took this picture of me. My friend's name is Michelle.

Leave a comment and come back for more pictures!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Friends

Here are a few of Scarlett's favorite people. Her flash was turned off for all of these so they don't look too good- she loves these pictures anyway!

Some of my friends after church.

Cute bunny ears!

That's me with my friend after church. Are we sharing glasses?!

 Those are her pink boots.

 I have fun playing Polly Pockets with Chyra.

 Those are goofy girls! Like my Uncle...

 Some of my daddy's friends.

 This is Faith.

Uncle Stanley 

 More little goofy girls!

The girl with the pretzels.

 That's her camera.

 This is a van with someone in it. She took good care of me on Friday.

I have an idea for next time. Come back and see my pictures.


Thursday, September 9, 2010


 Scarlett is one silly girl...

 That's a big old flash!

Fancy Nancy and me. I took this picture by myself.

It's fun taking pictures of all my dolls.

 That's my camera and my fingers.

 My camera has a bunch of hats to add. That's Riley with a red hat.

My food!

That's Daddy!

Oh my doggie likes to look in the mirror.

Thank you for looking at these pictures. The next pictures are a surprise!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cool Animals!

Scarlett went to Out Of Africa with Lola and Papa. She ran out of memory half way through the day- she left home with about 550 pictures already on her camera! She's really excited about sharing these pictures with everybody.

Here they are...

Goofy! That's my Lola driving to Out Of Africa!

I wanted to take this picture to show my parents.

Too close! He was so cute.

Waaaayy up in the sky.

Sneaking into the bus...

I fed him a carrot. Would you like to feed him a carrot?

Zebra family. These girls are so cute. Just look at them.

That is a very sweet camel. What is he looking at?

My camera was full so Lola took the rest of these pictures. That was so nice!
I wanted to show everyone these.

Guess what?! I picked up that big worm up and petted him. He was a fast snake! There's me in the picture.

Boom Boom was my favorite! I love him. He's a rinocerous.

Come back next time to see more of my pictures!

Love, Scarlett