Thursday, November 18, 2010


It has been found at last! This morning, Scarlett opened one of the drawers to her toy cart and there it was. She must have put it in there as soon as we got home from church and then forgot. We were only home about 20 minutes when I asked her about it and she thought she had left it at church. What?!! Do five year olds get Alzheimer's?

But listen to this... I called Aaron to tell him that Scarlett found her camera. He said he had just prayed about Scarlett and her camera while he was at the church about 10 minutes before I called.

So... Did she really put the camera in the drawer? Here are some pictures to celebrate!

That's me and Kailey. I'm glad we got more
pictures and I'm glad I found my camera.

Here's Sarah and her mom. Sarah is funny!

This is silly too! 

What is she doing? She's being silly isn't she!

How did she do that face?

Why are you making that face?  

She's silly. She's my friend. Isn't she silly!

 What a goofy girl! How did you make that face?!


Those girls are silly!

 That's way too silly!

This picture makes me smile.

I know how to do a lot of silly faces. I want to take more silly face pictures!

Love, Scarlett

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pink Camera: MIA

Code Red!

Scarlett took her little pink camera to church with her last night and took tons of pictures after church. When it was time for us to leave, Aaron told Scarlett to put her camera in her purse so we could go. Well, it didn't make it home with us!

If you have any information on the missing pink camera please let me know immediatly. It looks pretty close to this.

All witnesses will remain anonymous.

Friday, November 12, 2010

My Hair

Here's the answer. How did you guys guess that it was a picture of Scarlett's hair?! Aaron stared at it for about ten minutes and only guessed because some little girl accidently gave him a BIG clue!

Adrienne, Uncle Kelly, and Nana got it right! It was my hair!!!

Love, Scarlett

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Is This?

Leave a comment if you know what this is. This one was fun- lots of giggles! We tried to think of something that would be hard! See if you can guess...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Pound

On the first of each month the Maricopa County Animal Control gives away vouchers to have your dog fixed for free. So we went to get one for Riley and then took a look at the dogs they had there. We fell in love with the little guy in the first picture. Isn't he adorable! He's a shzi tzu (I guess that's how its spelled) about a year old. You know if you get a dog from the pound they will be fixed, current on shots, registered, and possibly microchipped! So go get this little guy right away! Someone in our house says one dog is plenty for us.

This puppy was just looking at me. I wanted
to take him home.

They are just running around in that stuff.
Isn't that silly!

Isn't this dog cute!

Aren't those dogs gorgeous!

Isn't that a silly dog!

I enjoyed being at the pound. Thank you for looking at my pictures today!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Answer

Here's the answer to the week's game picture. I guess she decided she needed a prop while taking her game pictures because Lola's digital picture frame was added to the scene. You can see her fingerprints all over it in one picture!

Uncle Kelly, Nana, and Sarah got the answer right! The rest of my friends had good answers!

Its a speaker!!!

This is part of Lola and Papa's radio.

This is me when I was two. I'm wearing
Papa's work glasses.

Uncle Jeff and me.

Thank you for playing my game!

Love, Scarlett Darlett

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guess what this is?

Every once in a while I have to go through Scarlett's cameras and "clean" them up. The memory cards fill up every week so I have to delete LOTS of pictures. Last week, I was doing this and somehow I deleted ALL of her pictures! Oops! So that's why we haven't been around lately.

Papa helped her with this one. Leave your answer in a comment.

Guess right!