Friday, April 22, 2011


We got a new dog. Her name is Lucy and she is so sweet and gentle. We love her already!

This is Lucy in the basket. We went to Show Low
yesterday and she sat in a basket. I thought
it would be cute to take a picture of her.

She's looking around. She wanted to get out. 

That's her bandana. Isn't it cute! I picked it out. Too cute! 

Here's me with Lucy. She's very nice. No biting.

Here's a picture of us being silly.

I love to play with Lucy. She's a great dog! Wonderful!

Scarlett Grace


  1. Awww, Lucy is a cute dog. She has such a sweet face. I can't wait to meet her. - Rachel

  2. I bet Lucy loves you so much! I'm glad so went to a good home, we miss her but it's okay because now she has a best friend to play with her!