Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Woodland Lake Park

We discovered this really cool park about five minutes from our house. Its called Woodland Lake Park. We had alot of fun exploring there!

This is my mom and dad standing there
where we walking by the lake.

This is a mama duck that we saw in
the lake with her two babies.

That is a steering wheel or something that we saw at
the lake. I pushed it but it had a chain on it.

This is a duck that was standing on one leg. It was
kind of making a funny noise. I don't know
what was wrong with it.

This is the dock with somebody on it at that cool park.

That is a picture I took of my parents and me.
It doesn't look that good though.

This creature is a bug on the ground.

That's the playground at the park. I played on it.
That park is sure a fun park!

All the pictures are from the same place- the same park.
I want to go there again and I'll enjoy it again!

love, Scarlett Grace


  1. That is a really nice park. Great pics too!

  2. How cute! does Scarlett take all the pictures herself?

  3. Hi Melissa!

    Scarlett takes most of the pictures. Every once in awhile she'll ask me to take a picture for her- like when she wants to be in it!

    - Scarlett's mom