Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can you believe it?

Scarlett is SIX years old!!!

What?! Wasn't she just born last year? Where did my funny little baby go?
Our happy baby girl
who made everyone laugh- all the time!
Wasn't she adorable?
 She was such a clown!
And pretty sweet too!
Loved that smile.

Well, wherever that little bundle of joy went,
we found a beautiful little lady in her place. 
She loves to shop 
loves accessories
and fixing her hair.
She loves her babies 
and dogs that look like babies.
She's smart, a teeny bit stubborn, and very adventurous.
 We love this little lady so much
and are so proud of our six year old. 
Happy Birthday Scarlett!

So long my little clown... 


  1. Happy Birthday, Sca! See you this weekend! We're both so OLD now!

  2. Awww! That's crazy Kristine! Happy Birthday, Scarlett! You're such a sweetheart. Love you

  3. Well... if you were trying to make me cry... it worked! I cannot believe our girl is 6! The years have just flown. Those pics bring back such memories. She's always been SO MUCH FUN! I love you Scarlett! And good job, Mom. That's a beautiful tribute to a wonderful daughter, niece, friend, and all around bundle of joyful energy!

    Uncle Nicki

  4. Dear Miss Scarlett: I did NOT forget your birthday...I'm just very late and I'm going to mail your gift this week. I hope you like it! Love, Auntie Terry

    PS: I really like checking in on your blog. Keep taking pictures and keep blogging. <3