Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Tale of Two Cities

The first set of pictures are from our weekend in Phoenix. Then the rest are from the following weekend here in Pinetop. What a difference!

This is Darla on the Light Rail.

Here is a big statue of a lion. 

This is my Lola and Papa standing there. Ha ha! That's
funny that there's a backpac in the picture.

I saw this lake while I was out of town. Not really
out of town. I was riding on the light rail. 


That's a place where a lady was killed because some
robbers came and they thought there was money
there but there wasn't. So they killed her.

Cowboy place! 

This looks kind of like the building my mommy
use to work in a long, long time ago.

 This is at Mama Bears. Its here where we live now. My
mom and I went to eat there. It was sure good!

Too much Christmas stuff! 

 We saw this from the window. Its a very, very old car.
It was in front of the restaurant.

Here's an old, old sign we saw at Mama Bears.

Its almost fall here. The leaves are turning orange now.
It has been chilly! 

Your welcome to come to my blog anytime!

Love, Scarlett


  1. Darla looks like she really, really enjoys the light rail. We went to the desert today but didn't take any pictures. It was so hot and I was exhausted by the time we walked back home! At least it was only 92 degrees instead of 110. hahaha! Yay! It's getting cooler around here in the valley!

  2. What kind of food do they have at Mama Bear's?