Thursday, October 6, 2011

Falling Into Fall

The weather has turned chilly! Its definatly fall here! We went for a walk today and Scarlett took pictures of all the foliage.
Do you see how the leaves turned red and
fell off? First the leaves turned
orange then red.

Here are some pine needles on the ground near the
mailboxes. We thought this looked cool for a picture. 

These are some leaves on the ground. Do you
see the water drops? Well look closely. 

We really liked this tree and all the leaves
on the ground. 

This picture is of beautiful flowers. How beautiful they are! 
More beautiful than beautiful. You should see them for real.
Well, why don't you visit us and we'll take a walk there. 

It is fall up here right now and all the leaves are turning different colors.

Love, Scarlett Grace