Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Trip: West Coast Conference

This is at West Coast Conference in the building
where we had the services.

This was worship time. I worshipped and took
pictures with my pink camera too.

I kind of liked this purse.

Ths is me in one of my outfits for West Coast.
It looked really cute on me.

All the girls. They're together a lot.

I took this picture of my mom's matching
shoes and purse. My Uncle Kelly
got them for her.

This is a picture of Lily and her cousin.

Lily took this picture of me and my mother.

My mom was holding my pen in the pocket
of her jacket. Its a flower pen.
The worship and preaching was so good!
I hope you enjoy looking at all the pictures on my blog.
Love, Scarlett


  1. Scarlett, I was not able to go to West Coast Conference, your pictures let me see the conference through your pink camera. You take really good pictures, too.

    Love, Sis Payan

  2. Sis. Payan-

    Yes, it was very good! You could feel the spirit of Jesus there! Hope you can go next year.