Monday, April 23, 2012

Winter is over!

No more snow! The flowers and bugs are popping up!

We saw some kind of caterpillar on our porch post.

Here's another picture. It's cute!

Some little flowers I picked outside.
Time for the flowers to start growing.

I love picking flowers! Here's another vase with flowers.

Here's another picture of my flowers.
And there's me in the mirror taking the picture.
Come back again to my blog!
Love, Scarlett


  1. I love flowers, too! They are so pretty and smell so nice! Your caterpillar is cute, too! What did you name him...or her? I wonder what kind of butterfly it will be. Wouldn't it be fun to know? Our Lacewing eggs hatched! The larvae are not very cute but they eat a lot! We have lots of little Lacewing guys flying around now, too. Some other eggs somewhere else in our neighborhood must have hatched long before ours did. I love to try to catch them but they're too fast for me. - Rachel

  2. Wow....looks like you have a wonderland of places and things to explore! Enjoy the awesome weather you all are having!