Monday, January 9, 2012

Still Taking Pictures

After taking a long break its hard for me to get going with this again! But Scarlett is anxious to share her pictures so here we go... Ignore the dates- someone likes playing with her camera!

This is me at the playland in the mall.
I was on a baby cactus slide.

This is my dad trying to feed my new baby. 

Uncle Josh looking at a camera. 
I'm going to be a big cousin!
They are going to have a little kiddie!  

This is at Lola's house. I was showing everyone my new dress. 

Here's Lola taking a picture. 

This is a family picture. Auntie Jeanett and
Uncle Josh are going to have a cookie :) 

Same picture! 

We went to a funeral and I got to put my
hand print on the casket. All the kids did.

 Here are my cousins Johnny and Taylor.

Here's my favorite cousin Taylor! 

Happy New Year!


  1. Scarlett, I just love your pictures. Love you, honey.

    Sister Payan

  2. How exciting for your Uncle Josh and Jeannette! I bet you'll be the best big cousin ever!;)