Friday, January 27, 2012

Great Friends!

These are me and my friends feet.

My friend took this silly picture of me. 

This is one of my friends- she's carrying my other friend's doll. 

This friend is holding my doll. Its my new doll Aaron! 

This is Sis. Garrett during a prayer and fasting night. 

My best friend being silly! 

Here's me again! One of the girls took this one. 

This is a new doll my friend just got. She's very pretty! 

I love my friends! I have fun with them!

Love, Scarlett


  1. Scarlett, I enjoyed your pictures today. I think Aaron looks like a fun doll. Is it a Cabbage Patch?

  2. Hi Sis. Payan,

    I love Aaron my new doll! He's not a cabbage patch doll. He's a Middleton doll.