Thursday, September 2, 2010

Exploring With My Camera

It all began one day last year when Scarlett received a pink camera in the mail. It was a present from Auntie Terry- a very special lady! Scarlett took two hundred pictures before bedtime. She went picture crazy for the next two weeks until the batteries died. The camera ended up in the toy box for the next year.

The pink camera resurfaced a few weeks ago and the mad photographer is back! Scarlett has been showing off her pictures to family and friends and someone suggested this idea.

So here we are... Follow along as Scarlett shares her adventures with the pink camera! I'll have to do the typing but these are her comments in the colorful print.

I decided I wanted to go outside to take pictures. I took pictures in front of the doors first.

We have fruit trees. If you want some come over to our backyard.

This is our shed. The sign says Target.

I thought this was cute.

Little Flip Flops!

Poo Poo bags. That's funny!

Riley didn't want to stay outside with me. So we went inside.

Thanks for looking at my pictures. I had fun taking them. I love my precious pink camera!



  1. Scarlett, you are precious! I love your blog and I LOVE that you LOVE your pretty pink camera. You have done an amazing job on your blog. Keep up the good work and I'll check back often. ((Hugs))

  2. Leianna said...I hope you have fun with your pink camera!
    Carina said...Have a good time with your pink camera! I like taking pictures with my camera too!
    Love, your friends Leianna & Carina

  3. Oh Miss Scarlett, I love this site. It makes me feel so much closer to you. Nana misses you so much. It makes me wish I could reach in and give you a hug and big kiss. I love you always and forever. Nana

  4. Hey Scarlett!!! I LOVE your site!!! its really pretty!! I am so happy for you!! you are a very good photographer!! I cant wait to come back to see your new pictures!! :) love you!!