Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Friends

Here are a few of Scarlett's favorite people. Her flash was turned off for all of these so they don't look too good- she loves these pictures anyway!

Some of my friends after church.

Cute bunny ears!

That's me with my friend after church. Are we sharing glasses?!

 Those are her pink boots.

 I have fun playing Polly Pockets with Chyra.

 Those are goofy girls! Like my Uncle...

 Some of my daddy's friends.

 This is Faith.

Uncle Stanley 

 More little goofy girls!

The girl with the pretzels.

 That's her camera.

 This is a van with someone in it. She took good care of me on Friday.

I have an idea for next time. Come back and see my pictures.



  1. My oh my! Looks like I was caught off guard huh? LOL but at least I made it to your blog! Maybe your pink camera and my canon need to go take pictures together! That would be fun! Love ya Girly!

  2. Scarlet, you take great pictures! I have your webpage bookmarked in my favorites folder. I want to get a camera, too! These pictures look like you are having so much fun! You're my best friend! See you later today!

    Love, Rachel

  3. Who's a goofy girl?! Are you talking about your Unlce Nicki?! : ) I do feel pretty important now. Thanks Scarlett! I love you! :*

    Love me!
    Uncle Nicki

  4. Your beautiful Scarlet! You look like you have a wonderful mommy & daddy that love you! I look forward to seeing more of all the lovely pictures you post.
    God bless you and Riley,