Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guess what this is?

Every once in a while I have to go through Scarlett's cameras and "clean" them up. The memory cards fill up every week so I have to delete LOTS of pictures. Last week, I was doing this and somehow I deleted ALL of her pictures! Oops! So that's why we haven't been around lately.

Papa helped her with this one. Leave your answer in a comment.

Guess right!


  1. Hi Scarlett!! I think that this one is some kind of speaker to like a radio!!

    -Sarah L.

  2. Ok Miss Scarlett, I say it is part of the computer. Hope I am write. Love you sweetheart. Nana

  3. At first, Vance thought it might be the view looking through the end of a full paper towel roll. Then he thought it might be a toilet?...Rachel's mom thinks that it is an air duct of some kind? the inside of a dryer vent?...hmmmm. The lends of a camera! Good picture, Scarlett! You have me stumped! Your best friend, Rachel says: "It is a washer. No! Toilet. TOILET!" lol. Reveal to us soon what it is! We are sitting on the edge of our seats over here wanting to know what this is!!!!! Quickly! Tell us!!!!!! lol.