Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Pound

On the first of each month the Maricopa County Animal Control gives away vouchers to have your dog fixed for free. So we went to get one for Riley and then took a look at the dogs they had there. We fell in love with the little guy in the first picture. Isn't he adorable! He's a shzi tzu (I guess that's how its spelled) about a year old. You know if you get a dog from the pound they will be fixed, current on shots, registered, and possibly microchipped! So go get this little guy right away! Someone in our house says one dog is plenty for us.

This puppy was just looking at me. I wanted
to take him home.

They are just running around in that stuff.
Isn't that silly!

Isn't this dog cute!

Aren't those dogs gorgeous!

Isn't that a silly dog!

I enjoyed being at the pound. Thank you for looking at my pictures today!



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