Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pink Camera: MIA

Code Red!

Scarlett took her little pink camera to church with her last night and took tons of pictures after church. When it was time for us to leave, Aaron told Scarlett to put her camera in her purse so we could go. Well, it didn't make it home with us!

If you have any information on the missing pink camera please let me know immediatly. It looks pretty close to this.

All witnesses will remain anonymous.


  1. Oh NO! I'm so sorry your camera has gone MIA! I'll be sure and keep my eyes out. I'd HATE for those silly pics that were taken last night not to get posted. (previous sentence said with MUCH sarcasm)

  2. Who were the last suspects seen with the camera, and in what location of the auditorium? lol.

    I am so sad for you, Scarlet! We will help you keep looking for it! Rachel can't remember seeing what you did with it. She keeps trying to think about it, though. Maybe she will remember something that will help.


  3. well miss scarlett... what did you do with it after you took the pictures of me and my mom?! lol!! and you know christmas is coming up... you could always ask for a new one!!! that is if you havent found it by then!! and you know what you should do.. ask sis loe she might know!! :)

    Sarah L.