Monday, December 6, 2010

Horses At Sunset

There are horses down the street from our house so we went over to see them one evening. Scarlett took some pretty pictures during the sunset.

On Friday, Vance, Rachel, and Scarlett put on a special program for the Thompsons and Sis. Culpepper. It turned out great! During the last practise Scarlett handed me her camera and told me to take pictures. Every now and then she would tell me in her loudest whisper, TAKE A PICTURE!

We went see these horses. You should have come with us.

We saw this horse running around.

My mom took this picture.

I took some sunset pictures.

We were practising for our recital.

We were little duckies in this picture. Girl duckies!

Here we are singing oh be careful little hands what you do.

Maybe next time I'll do some Christmas pictures!

Love, Scarlett


  1. Oh, the horse pictures are so pretty! Did you ride any of them? I love horses! I want to ride a horse. - Rachel

  2. No, I didn't get to ride them but I want to!