Monday, December 13, 2010

Glendale Glitters

 We had so much fun at Glendale Glitters last weekend! Somehow the date on her camera got mixed up again. It really likes saying 2007!

Here is a pretty horsey and people are riding
on the carriage. That looks fun!

That's a black horsey with its tail braided. Its a pretty horse.

Here's me and my dad.

My mom and my dad.

I liked this tall tree with Christmas lights.
Its at Glendale Glitters too.

I was taking a picture of the tents where they
were selling food.

I had fun swinging on this chain!

Here's my mother. I told her how to sit
for the picture.

Santa was dancing with Mrs. Clause.

This is a big wolf!

Someone was inside this big ball making it roll around.
I wanted to try it!

I was trying to touch that big ball. I touched it twice
when it came by me.

I went down this big slide. It was fun!

This doggie is cute. He was sleeping in the back
of a tent where they were selling things.
It looks just like Molly!

This is me taking a picture with some
Christmas things on it. 

I had fun at Glendale Glitters! Playing on the big slide was my favorite part. At the show with Santa, they played All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth. I really liked that song.

Love, Scarlett

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  1. Oh! I love Glendale Glitters! The lights just go on forever and they are everywhere! So pretty! - Rachel