Friday, October 22, 2010

The Answer And More Friends!

Here's the answer to the game and other pictures from the week. I tried fixing the date on her camera but some of her pictures still have the wrong date!

Its Riley Kennel! Everyone did a good job. You guys all got it right.
Next week I'll have to make it really hard!

He likes to sleep in his kennel. Its funny watching him. He likes to press against
the door. I wonder how he sleeps like that! Usually he lays underneath his pillow!

In the car.

This is at Red Robin. That is the little red bird.

This is the Statue.

This is a cute little baby girl!

Sarah. Sarah is my friend. Do you know her?

This is Sarah and her mom and her friend.

Will and Mindy.

 That's me with a cat. My friend took this picture of me.

 That's my friend with the cat. I took this picture of her.

Hope you come back for more pictures!



  1. Hi Scarlett!! I am so happy that I got your answer right!! That one was a little tricky!!
    Thank you so much for posting a picture of me on your website!! Cant wait to see what next weeks game will be!! Love you lots!!

    -Sarah L.

  2. By the way, the cat you are holding is 'Henry the Cat'. He is my favorite!


  3. I love your blog Scarlett, Its really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Courtney Mae Tarpley