Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mr. Riley

More pictures of Scarlett's favorite subject! Riley went to the groomers for the first time- the pink camera went too. Scarlett LOVES his new haircut!!! Aaron and I aren't real fond of the new crew cut. Aaron has decided that he is not going to look at Riley for at least two months.

Scarlett found a picture of a dog wearing a collar and tie and HAD to have one for Riley. That was our special project this morning.It looks really cute!

Here's Riley at the groomers. It was his
first time and he was really scared.

That's my doggy. This is after his haircut.
Doesn't he look great!

 That's my doggy again. ♫

Here's a picture of a dog with a collar, tie, and glasses.
Do dogs have glasses? No, they don't!
That's silly isn't it?!

 We made a collar and tie for Riley. That's my doggy!

Who is that girl? Doesn't she look cute?

Those pictures are cute aren't they? Me and Riley!

Scarlett Grace

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  1. Scarlett Riley sure is cute. His coat is so soft and clean looking. You and mommy take such good care of Riley. I love your blog it makes me feel so much closer to you. I wish we could see each other soon. Nana loves you very much princess. Hugs and kisses.