Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Guess What This Is?

Here's the game picture for the week. Leave a comment if you know what it is. By they way, Scarlett thinks EVERYONE is as excited about this as she is! Don't let her down!

Here's a hint...

We were at Home Depot this weekend and Scarlett decided she had to have her very own one of these.


  1. Nana says it is a plant also. Miss you Scarlett. Love you too.

  2. Rachel, Vance, and I all think it is a plant. Rachel wants to know if it has a flower on it...Vance wants to know if it is a hanging plant. I want to know if it is carnivorous. lol. (ask your mom what that means) Are you watering it well? I wish you luck with it. I can't seem to keep any plants alive for very long. Is IS a plant, isn't it? Ask your mom for a Venus Fly Trap. (heeheehee)

  3. Hi Scarlett!! I love the idea of the game!! Its really fun to play!! this week I think its a plant!! Cant wait to see if im right!! :)

    -Sarah Luckenbaugh