Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Can You Guess?

Try to guess what this picture is? Leave your answer in a comment.

Thank you everyone new for putting a comment on here.
I love to read them! My mom reads them to me.

Try to guess. Will see who gets it right.


  1. I think its Riley's kennel door with just a glimpse of Riley himself in the lower right hand corner!!!

    -Sarah L.

  2. Rachel thinks its' Riley's cage. our neighbor, Marko, thinks it's window blinds (I think i agree with him. it's window blinds at night) Vance thinks it's ...well, he's not sure WHAT it is. wait. no. He thinks it's Riley's kennel door. We are on pins and needles until you reveal the answer!!!


  3. Rachel's Gramma thinks it's Riley's cage, too! If I were a dog, I would rather not live in a cage. I'd want a big puffy pillow and blanket to snuggle on! Does Riley have a puffy place in his cage?

    Sis Karen (Rachel's Gramma
    P.S. I LOVE your blog!!!!

  4. Hi Scarlett Ayden says it could be a cage.
    we looked up Phx temp this morming you are 57 lite rain. billings is 40. havre is 28. glad im in billings today. we love you and miss you. hugs and kisses.

  5. I think its a shagger ting.


  6. To Rachel's Gramma,

    Yes, Riley has a pillow but he sleeps underneath it! He's silly!


  7. Scarlett and mommy I love the photos of the pumpkin farm. I remember being there at this time of year once and we thought about going to it but did not. So it was like I got to go too. Love and miss you, hugs and kisses too.
    Sorry you and Ayden did not get to talk on the phone. He really is not a big phone talker. He used to call me every morning but he does not so much now.